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In the upper right corner of the welcome view you have different links to click on:

  • Help: opens the wiki.
  • Logout (username): allows the current user to log off.
  • My account: gives you access to the different user settings.
  • Settings: gives you access to some company settings. Only available for super accountant users!
  • en | nl | fr: allows you to choose a specific language (English, Dutch or French).

On the left side of the screen, right below the logo, there is a menu with 3 different menu-items:

  • "Document loader": for launching the webscanning task or other import methods.
  • "Archive”: an overview of all the documents available in the archive, along with some tasks (on the left side).
  • "Reports": gives you the possibility to create a report of certain data in 1Archive.
  • "Nomadesk": view all the files which are available in your Nomadesk vault.

The EIS and OIS environments have an extra menu item, which is located at the first position:

  • "Dashboard": gives you a statistical overview of the documents in 1Archive.

On the right side of the menu, you can see in which company you are working. Next to that, you see the Company.png "Company" icon. This button allows you to select a different company.

When selecting "Archive" in the menu, a screen with everything that's related to your digital archive appears.
On the left side, there is a menu with different options which are described here.

Next to the left sidebar, you can see a list with documents. Which documents you see depends on the item you selected on the left.

Info.png Each page contains up to 20 documents.

Use following buttons to move around in the list:

  • BlockFirst.png "First page": go to the first page of the list.
  • BlockPrevious.png "Previous page": go to the previous page of the list.
  • BlockLast.png "Last page": go to the last page of the list.
  • BlockNext.png "Next page": go to the next page of the list.

BlockReload.png "Reload" is used for refreshing the list.

On the right side, you can see a preview of the first image of the invoice using the Thumbnail.png "Toggle the document preview" button. Together with the document preview, the comments also appear.

Note.png In “All documents”, you can limit your view of the invoices into "Since last visit", "Last 3 months", "Last 6 months" or "All".