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"My tasklist"

This list displays all documents that are now linked to your user for the selected company and document type.

Below the "My tasklist" header, there is a list of different subtasks. These subtasks are depending upon your user rights. Possible values are:

  • "Onea Accountancy": invoices whose header fields have to be validated.
  • "To validate": invoices that have to be validated.
  • "To approve": invoices that have to be approved.
  • "To approve (side-step)": invoices that are sent to you via a side-step and need to be approved.
  • "Informative": invoices that are informatively sent to you.
  • "Returned": invoices that an approver has sent back to the accounts payable.
  • "Post-control": invoices that have to be checked after they have been approved. This is the last step before sending the invoice to the accountancy package.
  • "Booking errors": invoices which were sent to the accounting system, but didn't pass the validation and returned without being booked.
  • "Exception handling": invoices which need your special attention, because they are invalid (e.g. double invoices).

Note.png By clicking on the subtask you get the specific selection of invoices in that status.

Note.png The number displayed after the subtask indicates the number of invoices to be handled.

Below the subtasks, there are a few other items. These are also available depending upon your user rights.

Note.png In the "All documents" section you can only view the invoices, no action can be done.

Below the tasklist with subtasks and additional views, there are a number of actions that can be taken:

  • Add.png "Add document": add an invoice manually for processing.
  • Edit.png "Edit documents": edit the selected invoice(s) in the list.
  • "Book": send the selected document(s) to the accountancy package. Depending on the environment, this button has an other image:
    • Exact.png "Book" EIS
    • Octopus.png "Book" OIS, Connected and NIS
    • Venice.png "Book" VIS
    • Book.png "Book" MIS
  • Remove.png "Cancel document": cancel the selected document(s).

Note.png Cancelling a document triggers a pop up to be shown. You need to provide a reason why you're cancelling the document(s).
Cancel document.png

  • Yes.png "Validate": validate the selected document(s).
  • Wf recall.png "Recall": recall the document(s) you sent to other users.
  • Accrual.png "Upload accrual": upload an accrual.
  • PagePdf.png "Mail as PDF": e-mail documents from a certain period to a specified e-mail address.
  • BlockReload.png "Synchronize company": synchronize the data of the selected company between 1Archive and the accountancy package.
  • PageXls.png "Export to Excel": export the selected document(s) to Excel.
  • PagePdf.png "Export to PDF": export the selected document(s) to PDF.
  • Zip.png "Export to Zip": export the selected document(s) to Zip.
  • PageXML.png "Export to XML": export the selected document(s) to XML.
  • PageXML.png "Export to UBL": export the selected document(s) to UBL.

Info.png These buttons are available depending upon your user settings

Info.png Some buttons are used for handling invoices in the list. See link for more.