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The archivelist in 1Archive contains different functionalities. Below those are explained.

1 Validation indication

Some of the action buttons that are available in the document, see "Action buttons available for validating invoices" for more, are also available in the list of documents in the archive. These buttons are located at the beginning of the list.

Invoices can be selected for validation by clicking the magnifier icon. Depending upon the color of it, the document is valid or not.

  • View ok.png "View the document": the document is entirely valid but you are still able to change any field in this invoice.
  • View notok.png "View the document": the document is invalid so further validation is needed before you are able to send this invoice to the accountancy package.

When importing a document to 1Archive, a validation is performed immediately. If this validation fails, so if there are invalid fields in the document, the icon colors red View notok.png.
When this validation succeeds, the icon colors green View ok.png.

Info.png Having invalid fields means that the fields contain errors or that they are in doubt (which means that multiple values for that field are available).

Note.png An invalid document can be validated by correcting all the red/yellow fields and saving the document. After saving, the icon turns green.

2 Edit documents

The archivelist also has a functionality to quickly edit fields in documents. This is done by clicking Edit.png "Edit documents"in the left sidebar.
Following fields are editable:

  • Journal
  • Invoice type
  • Period

Changes can be saved by using Save.png "Save document changes".
Changes can be cancelled by using Back.png "Cancel document changes".

3 Cancel document

In the archivelist it's possible to cancel one or more documents at once.
To cancel one document, click the Remove.png "Cancel document" button.
To cancel multiple documents, select the concerned documents by using the checkboxes in front of the list Unselected.png. These are now Selected.png selected. Click Remove.png "Cancel document" to cancel the documents.

Cancelling a document will result in a pop-up screen appearing to indicate why you are cancelling.

Cancel document.png

4 Book document

Booking can be done document per document, or by selecting multiple documents at once.
To book one single document via the list, click the Exact.png Octopus.png Venice.png Book.png "Book" button next to the concerned document for your environment.
To book multiple documents, select them via the checkboxes Unselected.png Selected.png and click the Exact.png Octopus.png Venice.png Book.png "Book" button on the left side of the page.

Note.png When selecting no document(s) and clicking the Exact.png Octopus.png Venice.png Book.png "Book" button on the left side of the screen, ALL documents will be booked.

5 Last approvers

In the list with documents there is a column in the back "Last approvers". This field shows the last approver(s) which handled the document.
This also takes every side-step into account. So if user A send a document in side-step, user A will be mentioned as last approver.

Note.png Informative steps are not considered!