Invoices in "Ready for download"

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Warning.png This status is only available for Connected users!

When clicking the Octopus.png "Book" button in Connected, the invoice will appear in "Ready for download". This means that you now can download a standard UBL of the invoice to upload in your accountancy package.

Where to find these invoices?

Ready for download.png

This can be done by using the PartnerListGo.png "Export to XML" button. Clicking it will open a pop-up screen where you have to confirm the action.

Export ubl.png

Clicking "Download" will result in the file being downloaded to your system and the invoice being set to status "Ended".

An example of such invoice can be downloaded by clicking here.

When you have imported the invoice into your accountancy package, the "Voucher number" and "Voucher date" can be set in "My documents".

Import the exported XML's in Expert/M

Click here to download the manual.