Invoices in "Ended"

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When a document is in status "Ended", this means that it was successfully sent to the accountancy package and it was digitally signed and annotated. These invoices can be viewed both in "My documents" and "All documents".

Info.png Documents in the "Connected" environment are set in "Ended" when the UBL was downloaded, they aren't sent to any accountancy package.

After the document was signed and annotated, the annotation is added to the image of the document. This can be viewed in the top right corner of the document and is constructed as follows:

Accountant - Period - 1Archive id - Voucher number

Accountant - Bookyear - Journal - Voucher date - 1Archive id - Voucher number

Accountant - 1Archive id

Also, a few new buttons are available below the document:

  • Signature.png "Signature": allows you to download the signature of the image.
  • Key.png "Public key": allows you to download the public key of the image.
  • Validate.png "Validate": allows you to check if the current image has been modified since it has been archived.

Info.png Note that in "Connected" this status also allows you to enter your voucher number.