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Warning.png For both of below functionalities, all fields should be added manually. No recognition is performed.

1 Adding a file manually

Via the Add.png "Add document" button you can manually create a document. This button is located in the left sidebar of the archive view.

Note.png More information on that left sidebar can be found here.

The functionality available when manually creating a document is the same as for invoices that need to be validated. More information can be viewed on the "Validation invoices" page.

2 Adding a file via drag and drop

When in the archive, it's possible to upload files via drag and drop.
Select files on your system and drag them to the 1Archive archive. A screen to indicate where the file(s) should be dropped is shown. Drop the files there.

File upload draganddrop.png

Once the files are dropped, they are uploaded to the system. A screen to show you the progress appears:

File upload draganddrop uploaded.png

Clicking "Ok" in that screen results in the file(s) being added into the archive.

Info.png Files uploaded via drag and drop have the same status as files which are added via Add.png "Add document".