Synchronization with the accountancy package

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When clicking the BlockReload.png "Synchronize company" button, the selected company will be synchronized with the accountancy package.

Note.png Note that this can take a few minutes, based on the number of people who pressed this button. When pressing the button, the selected company will be synchronized the next time the synchronization job runs.

1 Synchronizing with Venice (VIS users)

When synchronizing with Venice, you need to take following remarks into account:

  • Make sure all screens are closed in Venice
  • Make sure you correctly save everything in Venice

1.1 Example

You added a new supplier in Venice. Following two scenario's could occur:

Scenario 1:

  • Open list of suppliers
  • Click "New" without scrolling through the list
  • Add a new supplier and close the screen
  • The supplier is sorted in the list (with a black font)
  • When clicking BlockReload.png "Synchronize company"

Scenario 2:

  • Open list of suppliers
  • Scroll in the list
  • Click "New"
  • Add supplier and close the screen
  • The supplier is added at the bottom of the list (with a blue font)
  • Close the list of suppliers

Info.png When the "Date modified" field of the "Suppl.btr" file (this is a Venice file) is not updated, the supplier will not be synchronized with VIS.

2 Synchronizing with Multivers (MIS users)

When synchronizing with Multivers, no currencies and exchange rates are imported.
As a consequence there will be no foreign currency available on suppliers when they are imported into MIS.

Only the cost places will be synchronized, no other dimensions.

3 Synchronizing with Exact Online (EIS users)

For following items, the synchronization speed with Exact Online was increased:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Periods

This means that when you create or edit one of the above items in Exact Online, this is synchronized with EIS within 3 minutes.

Info.png Clicking the BlockReload.png "Synchronize company" button will have absolutely no effect for these items.

Warning.png For periods, this only works for opening and closing periods! When creating new ones, you still need to use the BlockReload.png "Synchronize company" button.

4 Synchronizing with NetSuite (NIS users)

When synchronizing with NetSuite, following items are not synchronized:

  • Payment terms
  • Journals

If one of these items need to be updated, please contact our helpdesk.

5 Synchronisation priorities

Every company has a certain synchronisation priority. The lower the priority, the less frequent the data gets synchronised. The different priorities are listed here:

  • Priority: the company will be synchronised immediately
  • High: the company will be synchronised every 15 minutes
  • Medium: the company will be synchronised every hour
  • Low: the company will be synchronised every day
  • Idle: the company will be synchronised every 2 weeks