Handling invoices in exception handling

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Where to find these invoices?

Exception handling.png

What does it mean to have an invoice in exception handling?
An invoice is placed in "Exception handling" when:

  • after recognition, the invoice date is in the future.
  • after recognition, the due date is before the invoice date.
  • after arrival in 1Archive, a duplicate invoice was found.

The error message, and thus the reason why the invoice came in "Exception handling", can be viewed by hovering over the Error.png "Error" icon.


Info.png Handling these invoices is similar to handling invoices in "To validate".

Warning.png Note that when you validated the error and saved the document, it stays in status Exception handling. Currently, 1Archive does not have the functionality to change the status of the corrected document.

Warning.png An invoice that returns an error after booking goes into the "Booking errors" status.